Warehouse Stock Update 06.01.21

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.

Warehouse Findings

  • All Spanish Salads have gone very short hence the rapid increase in prices, this is due to multiple reasons. Firstly there are a lot more administration costs due to Brexit, Secondly Spain is currently on their 3 day Bank holiday (Kings Day) resulting in a lot of the pack houses being closed and finally the weather in Spain is currently very cold (Snowing in some growing areas) which is slowing production down.

New Arrivals

Exceptional Quality

  • Loose Clementines ‘Nardorcott’ Moroccan 108’s ~
  • Spanish Celery 16’s ~
  • Loose UK Parsnips 5kg ~
  • UK Oyster ‘Grey’ Mushrooms 1.5kg ~L
  • Dutch Bunched Radishes 15’s ~