Warehouse Stock Update 18.08.20

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today:

Warehouse Findings

• Melon counts, sizes and varieties are likely to remain inconsistent as the Spanish season tightens.
• Yellow courgette price continues to ease.

New Arrivals

• ‘Boixado’ Brand Nectarine As, Spain~
• Donut Nectarines 10 x 500g, Spain~
• Boxed UK Red Onions, ‘Abrey Farm’ 10kg~

Exceptional Quality

• UK Romanesco Cauliflower 8s~L
• ‘Large’ Spanish Garlic (60-80mm) 4kg~L
• UK Savoy Cabbage 12s~

Other Information

• French Braeburn season is due to start around the second week of September.
• Jerusalem Artichokes (French) available for pre-order.