Warehouse Update 04/03/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


Turnips – boxed Portuguese 5kg turnips now available. ~ *

Oranges – fresh arrival of Spanish ‘’Blood’’ oranges 10kg now available (wooden box). Quality looks very good and the fruits are firm. ~ *

Grapes – prepacked South African Black Seedless grapes (XL size) 10 x 500g are now in stock – ‘’Adora Seedless’’ variety. ~ *

Carrots – medium loose carrots 10kg are now sourced from Park Produce, UK due to ongoing quality issues.

Plums – new arrival of 5kg South African plums are ‘’Laetitia’’ variety – 55/65mm. ~ *

Bananas – a small stock of ‘’Junior’’ Chiquita Bananas will be available every week. If you require a larger quantity, order on a Friday for delivery the following week. ~


Exceptional Quality


Spanish Bunched Carrots 12’s







12kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 74-84 count

18kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 138 count



12kg – 70 count


Golden Delicious

12kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 54-64 count


Granny Smith

12kg ‘Jouffruit’ brand – 84 count

18kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 138 count


Pink Lady

12kg – 74 count


Red Delicious

12kg ‘Jouffruit’ brand – 66 count


Royal Gala

12kg ‘Jouffruit’ brand – 84 count

18kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 125-138 count



Spanish 300-400g ‘Iberveg’ brand



Spanish 350-400g ‘Iberveg’ brand

Dutch 400-450g



White seedless loose – Arrafifteen variety

White seedless prepacked – Thompson variety

Black seedless prepacked – Adora Seedless variety

Red seedless loose – Tawny variety



Red Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Iberveg’ brand

Green Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Iberveg’ brand

Yellow Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Iberveg’ brand

Orange Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Fruca Fresh’ brand



Washed reds 25kg – Manitou

Jumbo potatoes 25kg – Melody

10kg potatoes – Melody (non-windowed)

10 x 2kg potatoes – Osprey

Baker 40’s boxed – Osprey

Baker 50’s boxed – Melody

Baker 60’s boxed – Melody

Washed mids ‘Abrey’ 10kg 20-30mm Maris Peer

Washed mids ‘Garden of Elveden’ 10kg 30-40mm Maris Peer

Washed mids prepacked 12 x 750g – Juliette

Sweet potatoes 6kg – 300-450g L1



Brown prepacked 20 x 1kg – 60-80mm

Brown onions 20 x 3’s – 70-90mm



48’s – Navel Lane Lates (MA) ‘Helios’ brand (cardboard box)

48’s – Navel Lane Lates (ESP) ‘Guadex’ brand (cardboard box)

60’s – Navel Lane Lates (MA) ‘Helios’ brand (cardboard box)

78’s – Navel Lane Lates (MA) ‘Helios’ brand (cardboard box)

100’s – Valencia (EG) ‘Jaguar’ brand (square cardboard box)



Loose ‘Esmerelda’ 6kg – M size 57-67mm

Loose ‘Cortes’ 6kg – M-L size 62-67mm

Vine Tomatoes 5kg – M size 57-67mm

Cherry Vine Tomatoes 3kg – 25-30mm

Cherry Tomatoes (Dutch) – 25-30mm

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes 9 x 250g – 25-30mm

Plum Tomatoes ‘Seda’ & ‘Murgiverde’ 6kg – 57-67mm

Beef Tomatoes (Belgian) 7kg – 92mm


Other Information


  • New Potatoes – We will continue to work Egyptian New Potatoes this week, however, Majorcan New Potatoes should begin next week.
  • Apples – after fast sales last week, more UK ‘’Jazz’’ apples will be available for delivery Wednesday.


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached