Warehouse Update 08/04/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


New Arrivals

  • Plums – Chilean red (Pink Delight) 54-59mm fruits have arrived. *~
  • Fennel – Italian ‘Carmine Barone’ brand has arrived (5kg); the product is exceptionally large and good quality. *~


Exceptional Quality


  • Globe Artichokes (15’s) – ‘Gusyfam’ brand. ~
  • Plum Tomatoes – Dutch 57-67mm ‘Taste by Nature’ are fresh and of fantastic size. ~
  • Red Delicious Apples – Jouffruit (French) fruits are size 64F and have a great shine to them. ~


Other Information


  • Apples –  a fresh pallet of prepacked Coxes apples 15 x 10’s has arrived; they are from the same supplier that provides the loose boxes.