Warehouse Update 24/05/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


  • Oranges – large Spanish oranges 24’s count ‘EMI’ brand have returned to stock today. * ~
  • Onions – Egyptian 10kg nets of red onions are now in stock and are a far cheaper option than UK stock presently. Size – large 70-90mm * ~
  • Potatoes – Cornish potatoes ‘’Arrow’’ variety are now in a 25kg sack.


New Arrivals

  • Clementines – Peruvian clementines ‘Gold Cup’ brand 70’s count 10kg. * ~
  • Leeks – Spanish leeks 5kg (wooden box) * ~
  • Carrots – French purple carrots 5kg ~
  • Apples – ‘Ewabis’ prepacked Polish Royal Gala apples 12 x 1kg 65-70mm ~
  • Avocados – ready to eat 14’s (large) ‘Gold Cup’ brand ~


Exceptional Quality


  • UK bunched beetroot 12’s ~ *
  • Various origin coriander 1kg (10x100g) open box ~ *


Other Information


  • Apples – a small stock of large UK-Norfolk Bramley apples 100mm+ 13.63kg.
  • Carrots – new season Spanish medium carrots 10kg will be available middle of next week.
  • Cherries – cherries for delivery tomorrow will revert back to 2kg boxes from 5kg boxes delivered today.
  • Grapefruits – large 35’s count ‘’Star Ruby’’ red grapefruits from South Africa also available middle of next week.


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached