Warehouse Update 30/07/2019

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today:


New Arrivals

  • Sweetcorn, UK 30’s.
  • Peppers, Red, Polish, size 80-100, 5kg. (A much cheaper alternative to Dutch!)
  • Cherries, UK – Norfolk, 28mm+, 5kg, (now) Kordia variety from Place UK. ~
  • Nectarines, donut, loose, Spanish, Cal 73/80, 5kg. *~


Exceptional Quality

  • Cabbages, U.K. Savoy and Primo 12’s.
  • Plums, 5kg Spanish Reds, Cal. 8, Ebony 61 variety. (A cheaper and fantastic option to UK stock.)
  • Beetroot, UK Bunched 12’s ~


Other Information

  • Donut peaches have failed QC; we will be sourcing more, but pre-packed remain available.
  • President Plums arriving for Thursday sale.
  • Pre-packed Nectarines arriving for Thursday sale, but stone fruit remains difficult on the whole.
  • Belgian Conference pears are 70/80mm (VERY large), and are likely the last of the season before new-crop Spanish in a couple of weeks.~
  • Red seedless grapes will be arriving from Portugal for the  weekend.
  • Argentinian lemons in both 100s and 113s will be available after the South African stock.


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached