McCarthys has a long history of care towards the environment but we always aim to improve and do more so, when moving premises in 2010, we reviewed every aspect of the business to see where environmental improvements could be made.

We used the opportunity to create a purpose-built facility with sustainability central to the design; modern premises that would not only allow us to provide better quality produce and service to our customers, but also make us greener than ever:

  • Nearly 90% of our waste has been diverted from landfill and 95% of office rubbish is recycled.
  • When available, we divert rainwater back into the building.
  • We capture treated waste water from our washing plant and recycle it for use in peeling and washdown.
  • Our office heating and lighting system only switches on when needed and diverts heat to where it’s needed most.
  • High frequency, low energy lighting is used throughout the warehouse to increase lamp life and produce less heat.
  • Our sophisticated refrigeration plant uses electronics to efficiently cycle demand.
  • Thanks to our new location and improved loading and unloading, our logistics are now greener than ever.


With environmental reporting dating back to 1991, contributions to the FoodCycle charity and a Royal Warrant to tireless environmental campaigner and visionary, HRH The Prince of Wales, you can be sure that being green is a top priority at McCarthys.


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