Inspiring the Next Generation

Inspiring the Next Generation

McCarthys recently played host to the next generation of the catering industry, with a visit from City College Catering students led by their lecturer, Tim Pearson. The students were aiming to see firsthand how a wholesale produce business functions, together with the journey their ingredients take before they get into the kitchen. Twelve students spent the morning with us, touring the premises and uncovering the inner workings of the trade, as part of a learning initiative within the wholesale food industry.

The visit, which lasted about 90 minutes, focussed on stock movement throughout McCarthys, both in the warehouse (picking and loading operations were of key interest) and our preparation unit. The students were particularly interested in the disciplines and high standards vital to the preparation operation, and how these measures of control were evident throughout the business. The students were lucky enough to be kitted up in the necessary attire, giving them the chance to get a feel for how health, safety and hygiene are enforced, ensuring that the produce McCarthys offers meets the highest standards of both food safety and traceability.

McCarthys were delighted to share their expertise and experience within the industry, and it was clear that the students thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Taking away valuable knowledge of the process, McCarthys hope that the students will have a greater understanding about the journey of their products in the future.

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