Warehouse Stock Update 21.08.20

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today:

Warehouse Findings

  • Cauliflower 8s may have the occasional cream-coloured curd; this is due to the sunny conditions in which they were grown. Overall quality is fresh with nice tight curds.~
  • European Artichokes are available to pre-order. ~LP

New Arrivals

  • Egyptian Mangos – Crimson Variety, 4kg.~

Exceptional Quality

  • AAA Spanish Peaches, Boxiado brand.~
  • UK Round Tomatoes, 6kg.~
  • UK Heritage Bunched Carrots, 10s.~
  • Bunch Radishes ‘Cherry Belle’ Variety.~


Other Information

  • UK ‘Scrumptious’ apples are available for Tuesday Delivery.*