Warehouse Update 02/05/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


  • Tomatoes – loose Dutch tomatoes ‘VDN’ brand which arrived in stock this morning are backward in colour and slightly smaller (47-57mm). Current stock in the warehouse are of a better colour showing a deep red, these are 57-67mm. * ~
  • Oranges – by demand, ‘EMI’ brand Spanish ‘’Navel-Powell’’ large 24’s oranges are back in stock – only 20 cases available. *
  • Peaches – Spanish peaches tray packs are back in stock. These are small fruits (35’s) to a 3kg box and are approx 40-50mm in size – variety ‘’Astoria’’ which is a yellow-flesh peach. * ~
  • Fennel – Italian fennel 5kg which arrived this morning are large, 10 bulbs to a case – approx 500g each in weight. * ~
  • Melons – another picture of ‘Torpedo’ water melons attached to get a better view of the size. ~
  • Lettuce – small stock of UK-Norfolk flat lettuces 12’s now available from Aldis & Sons and are a good weight. ~
  • Asparagus – by demand, we are sourcing ‘kitchen grade’ Asparagus in 4.5kg boxes. This is a loose product of mixed grade which keeps the price lower than bunches. Presently, this product is to order only with 24 hours’ notice required. As for bunched asparagus, this will be sourced from two suppliers, Portwood at Attleborough and Sandersons & Sons at Swaffham. * ~


New Arrivals

  • Spanish heritage bunched carrots 12’s * ~
  • UK bunched rainbow chard 10’s * ~
  • Spanish pointed cabbage 12’s * ~
  • Dutch large red onions 80-100mm ~
  • Argentinian Packham pears 110’s/18kg ‘Global’ brand ~


Exceptional Quality


  • UK ‘’Cherry Belle’ bunched radish 16’s


Other Information


  • Peppers – due to price rises to Dutch peppers, cheaper Moroccan & Spanish stock has been sourced but will be available for delivery Saturday.


Saturday delivery

  • Apples – Italian Red Delicious apples 12kg
  • Grapefruit – South African red grapefruits 50’s
  • Lettuces – Little Gems UK 10 x 2’s sourced as gap in crop of Norfolk from D.Frost.
  • Potatoes – 20kg sacks Jersey Royal potatoes


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached