Warehouse Update 06/06/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


New Arrivals

  • Onions – Egyptian large (80-100mm) & medium (60-80mm) 20kg. * ~
  • Lettuce – ‘G’s’ brand iceberg lettuce 10’s – a pallet in stock as 12’s were unavailable, more 12’s being collected today. ~
  • Parsnips – Spanish new crop parsnips 5kg. * ~
  • Cauliflowers – UK green Romanesco & purple cauliflowers 8’s. * ~


Exceptional Quality


  • UK mixed baby leaf salad 8x100g ~
  • UK kohlrabi 10’s ~


Other Information


  • Melons – watermelons are going short and we will see an increase to the price in the coming days.
  • Apricots – price of 500g prepacked apricots has seen an increase today. We’ve sourced 1kg punnets as an alternative and these are far cheaper per kg – available for delivery Saturday. *
  • Peaches – Spanish ‘AAA’s’ 22’s peaches available for Saturday delivery. *


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached