Warehouse Update 07/05/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


New Arrivals

  • Nectarines/Peaches – Spanish Nectarines & Peaches ‘A’ size 28’s count (tray pack) * ~
  • Apricots – Spanish Apricots ‘Pascual Gold’ brand 5kg * ~
  • Grapes – Brazilian white seedless grapes 4.5kg ‘Missdeli’ brand * ~
  • Lettuces – French lollo rossa lettuces 12’s ‘Ferrier’ brand
  • Clementines – Nadorcott 90’s & 108’s count ‘Valentine’ brand
  • Melons – Spanish Cantaloupe melons 5’s (900g-1100g) ‘Mabe’ brand


Exceptional Quality


  • Spanish raspberries 12 x 125g ‘Frambuesa de Palos’ brand
  • UK spring onions 20’s
  • UK-Norfolk vine tomatoes 5kg (Meales)


Other Information


  • Carrots – due to ongoing quality issues with Norfolk carrots, we’ve sourced Scottish and Spanish stock to arrive middle of the week in a hope to improve quality. *
  • Cauliflowers – Lincolnshire cauliflower price is set to increase, as a result, we’ve sourced Spanish 10’s to arrive Wednesday for delivery Thursday. *
  • G’s brand products – for the end of the week we will see a start of UK iceberg 12’s and Spinach 10 x 200g. *


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached