Warehouse Update 10/01/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings

  • 48 count Spanish ‘’Navelina’’ oranges arrived this morning ‘Guadex’ brand. *
  • Seville Oranges 18kg which arrived this morning are 60-70mm in size.
  • Spring Greens –  Spring greens 10’s arrived in stock this morning. *
  • Peppers – orange peppers in stock are ‘Mabe’ brand G size 70-90mm. *
  • Celery – ‘G’s brand Spanish 16’s celery now in stock. *
  • Lettuces – Spanish Iceberg lettuce 12’s are ‘Gregal’ brand.


Exceptional Quality

  • UK Cavolo Nero Prepacked 10’s
  • Spanish Little Gems 20 x 2’s
  • Israeli Kumquats 2kg
  • French Red Delicious 12kg


Other Information

  • 45 cases of 30’s count Spanish oranges available for delivery Saturday.
  • 8 cases of Chilean Cherries (24/26mm) arriving this afternoon for delivery tomorrow.


*subject to QC approval