Warehouse Update 17/01/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings

  • Italian blood oranges arrived this morning are showing only a few specks of red, however, these still eat very well – plenty of juice and very sweet. *
  • A pallet of the ‘Guadex’ brand 48’s oranges are back in stock ‘’Navelina’’ variety.
  • Peppers – orange peppers which arrived this morning are GG’s (90-110mm) ‘Fruca Fresh’ brand. *
  • Lettuces – Iceberg lettuce 10’s are now available. We are currently working both 10’s and 12’s. *
  • Rhubarb – we are now stocking a small quantity of Place-UK rhubarb.
  • Grapefruit – Red grapefruit count has changed from 40’s to 35’s – now from Cyprus.


Exceptional Quality

  • Dutch Plum Vine Tomatoes 5kg
  • French Oakleaf/Lollo Rossa ‘Copadel’ brand 12’s
  • South African Red Seedless Prepacked 10 x 500g


Other Information

*subject to QC approval