Warehouse Update 18/04/19

***Please note: there will be very few transport companies operational tomorrow night. We advise that all bulk orders are placed today for delivery tomorrow to avoid disappointment.***


Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


  • Cauliflowers – 25 cases of both UK-Kent cauliflowers 8’s and Romanesco 6’s are now in stock. As reported at the beginning of the week, French cauliflower 8’s and 11’s will be available for delivery from Saturday. * ~
  • Cucumbers – both 500-600g & 600-750g Dutch large cucumbers are available from stock – 12’s count. ~
  • Garlic – New season Wet Garlic 60mm+ is now available – quality is very good. ~
  • Lettuces – Iceberg 12’s are now available after a short absence and stock is ‘Mario’ brand. ~


New Arrivals

  • South African ‘’Angelino’’ variety plums. ‘Stems’ brand AAA size (60-65mm). These have been sourced as an alternative to the 9kg Chilean ‘’Pink Delight’’ which were pulled from stock due to quality issues. * ~
  • UK-Norfolk loose round tomatoes 6kg & large vine 5kg. ~
  • Spanish Watermelons ‘New season’ 5’s ‘’White Seedless’’ variety ~
  • USA ‘Chelan Fresh’ brand Red Delicious 12.5kg/60’s ~


Exceptional Quality


  • Dutch Cherry Vine 3kg ‘Firenza’ brand
  • UK Purple Sprouting Broccoli 2.5kg – no longer 4.5kg
  • Portuguese Turnips 5kg
  • Spanish Globe Artichoke 12-15’s ’Gusyfam’ brand


Other Information


  • Apples – more English Braeburn 12kg available for delivery Saturday.
  • Asparagus – UK 12x250g asparagus is available for delivery from tomorrow alongside the Portwood 15 x 200g.
  • Broccoli – Spanish 5kg (cardboard box) broccoli has been sourced for the weekend as 6kg stock is running short and next arrival due after the weekend.
  • Pears – Argentinian ‘’Red Bartlett’’ variety pears due in tomorrow for delivery Saturday (18kg/110’s).
  • Plums – for delivery Saturday we will have prepacked Pluots available (plum-apricot cross) – 10 x 750g.


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached