Warehouse Update 21/02/19

Warehouse Findings

Pears – fresh arrival of Chinese ‘’Ya’’ pears 8.5kg/36’s now in stock.


  • Chinese ‘’Fuji’’ apples are now available in a smaller case size of 8kg/36’s.
  • Prepacked Ukrainian 12 x 8’s Royal Gala apples now in stock. A good sized apple for prepacked, 60-70mm.

Grapefruit – after a short delay, Israeli White ‘’Marsh’’ Grapefruit 40’s count is now in stock.

Clementines – large fruit Israeli clementines arrived this morning ‘Orri’ brand – 33’s count

Cucumbers – pallet of Dutch cucumbers 12’s arrived this morning. We will be working stocks of both Spanish and Dutch heading into the weekend.

Grapes – Indian white seedless prepacked 10 x 500g ‘’Thompson’’ variety are now in stock.


Exceptional Quality

UK-Lincs Purple Sprouting Broccoli 4.54kg

UK Kalettes 2.5kg