Warehouse Update 21/05/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


New Arrivals

  • Grapes – Egyptian ‘Blue Nile’ brand white seedless grapes ‘’Prime Seedless’’ variety 4.5kg * ~
  • Parsley – UK curly parsley 3kg * ~
  • Onions – UK medium and large 20kg
  • Cabbages – UK-Lincs white cabbage 25kg (size has improved)


Exceptional Quality


  • UK Oyster mushrooms 1.5kg ‘Smithy’ brand


Other Information


  • Peaches – Spanish donut peaches loose 5kg and prepacked 10 x 500g available for delivery Thursday.
  • Leeks – Spanish leeks 5kg available for delivery Friday.


  • Aubergines – Dutch baby aubergines purple 20’s and mixed 20’s will be available for Thursday delivery



*subject to QC approval

~photo attached