Warehouse Update 25/03/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


Strawberries – Belgian 8 x 500g ‘’Sonata’’ variety strawberries are now in stock ‘Hoogstraten’ brand. These will be worked alongside Spanish 16’s stock due to the price differences (Spanish cheap, Belgian expensive). ~ *

Plums – fresh arrival of ‘’African Delight’’ South African red Plums now available (50-55mm) – ‘New Vision Fruit’ brand.

Artichokes – another arrival of large Spanish Globe Artichokes are now available (12’s). ~ *

Cauliflowers – flat tray UK Cauliflowers 12’s now in stock. ~

Celery – ‘Bonasol’ brand Spanish Celery 14’s now available. ~ *

Pears – a small stock of prepacked Conference pears 10 x 1kg are now available – Dutch 50-55mm. ~


The following Dutch products are now in season and available from stock:-

Green Chillies 3kg ‘Aroma’ brand

Plum Tomatoes 6kg ‘Taste By Nature’ brand

Red Peppers 5kg ‘Harvest House’ brand


Exceptional Quality


French Romanesco Cauliflowers 8’s

Brazilian Figs 24’s


Other Information


Apples – another order of UK-Lincs prepacked Braeburn apples 14 x 1kg available for delivery Wednesday.

Lettuces – 12’s Iceberg Lettuces are due at the end of the week, will be available for delivery Saturday.


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached


For warehouse product information, please click the link here >Warehouse Product Information 25032019<