Warehouse Update 29/01/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings

  • Plums – ‘Dole’ brand ‘’Fortune’’ variety South African plums now in stock – 60-65mm *
  • Oranges – fresh arrival this morning of the following oranges:-
    • 36’s – ‘’Navelina’’ Spanish 36’s ‘La Mexicana’ brand *
    • 48’s – ‘’Navelina’’ Spanish 48’s ‘Guadex’ brand *
  • Cherries – two cases of Chilean cherries arrived this morning – 24-26mm/5kg *
  • Lettuces – Iceberg 10’s in stock are heavy; weighing in at nearly 1kg each.
  • Sprouts – we will continue to run a small stock of trimmed sprouts until the season ends.
  • Turnips – French 5kg in stock are large in size – approx 90-110mm.


Exceptional Quality

  • Mangoes Ready-to-Eat 12’s
  • Spanish Mixed Heritage Tomatoes 3kg
  • Spanish Romero Peppers 5kg
  • Brazilian Cantaloupe Melons 9’s
  • French Red Delicious 12kg


*subject to QC approval