Warehouse Update 31/01/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings

  • Broccoli – the batch of purple sprouting broccoli in stock has plenty of flower; in recent weeks its had more leaf and stem.
  • Avocados – larger fruit in stock – Spanish 14’s count ‘’Fuerte’’ variety. *
  • Lychees – our stock of Madagascan lychees is increasing due to demand – a popular choice fruit presently.
  • Potatoes – 20kg sacks of Egyptian new potatoes now available.
  • A small stock of ‘’January King’’ cabbages 12’s now in stock. *
  • ‘’Hispi’’ cabbages are now sourced from Spain – larger than Portuguese stock (12’s) count. ~
  • Grapes – prepacked red seedless grapes have been replaced temporarily by black seedless prepacked 10 x 500g – Melody variety.
  • Oranges – 60 count oranges have changed from Spanish ‘’Navelinas’’ to Moroccan ‘’Navels’’.
  • Paw Paw – a small stock of Formosa Paw Paw’s now in stock – 7’s count.  ‘’The Formosa paw paw is one of the largest paw paw varieties. This large tropical fruit can weigh up to 3 kilos. The firm skin is yellow. The flesh is orange and just like the other paw paws it contains small black seeds in the middle. Formosa paw paws have a mild aroma and sweet soft flesh.


Exceptional Quality

  • UK Cauliflowers 8’s
  • Honduran Galia Melons 5’s


Other Information

  • Please see the following new products due for arrival within the week (subject to arrival & QC approval):-
    • French Cauliflowers 8’s & 11’s – delivery Wednesday 6th
    • UK Gala 12kg – delivery Saturday 2nd
    • Moroccan Oranges 48’s (Navels) – delivery Saturday 2nd
    • UK-Norfolk (Place UK) Rhubarb 5kg – delivery Monday 4th/Tuesday 5th
    • Spanish Cherry Vine Tomatoes Prepacked 10 x 250g – delivery Saturday 2nd


*subject to QC approval