New coldstore!

New coldstore!

McCarthys are pleased to announce the completion of a new high-level racked cold-store in our Goods Holding area.

The £40,000 investment allows us to hold in excess of 60 pallets of temperature-sensitive produce and dairy products at a steady 2°C It will enable our customers to have access to a much bigger range and volume of perishable salads and vegetables together with improved quality and shelf-life.

This addition should help cement our competitive advantage over smaller rivals, adding yet another link to our cool-chain process.

Part of the build involved replacing the existing lighting with highly efficient LED floods. These give out far less heat than conventional high level lighting and have the added benefit of giving full light levels without the need to warm up; allowing us to turn them off and on as needed.

This is just another example of the ongoing investment in our business, and our promise to continually improve the quality and service we offer our customers.

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