Our New Arrival

Our New Arrival

As some people may have noticed, there’s been a new addition to the McCarthy fleet. ‘Y1DFM’ now lives on a New Renault T Range unit; replacing the old Iveco unit that was approaching the grand milestone of 1,000,000km.

Jointly designed with Volvo to meet the Euro6 emission requirements compulsory for all new trucks in Europe, Renault have incorporated many new developments into the design with the aim of reducing emissions and fuel usage (with at least a 5% saving over our previous model)

  • The 460 bhp engine uses an Adblue system along with EGR and particulate traps to help it reduce those emissions.
  • The Optidriver fully automated gearbox is programmed to give power when needed but to save fuel at every opportunity.
  • The spoiler kit reduces drag by nearly 12% over the previous model to keep it smooth and clean.

It is still early days yet as the engine will take a while to bed in and learn the way it is being driven, but it is hoped that the fuel savings will start to impress soon.

Once built, the truck made its way to Brands of Beccles, where it spent many hours trying to work out the best way to add our distinctive (and particularly difficult to mix) colour to the truck cab itself. And whilst we don’t normally get quite so excited about new vehicles, we have to admit that this one is particularly pleasing to the eye.

As for our old truck? Well, thanks to Brands, it looks like it’s headed for Africa to help distribute food aid.

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