Warehouse Stock Update 17.08.20

Good morning,

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today:

Warehouse Findings

• Stone fruit stocks (Peaches, Nectarines) are starting to dwindle as the end of the season nears.
• UK 12 x 220g Blueberries have finished. Crops were very light this year due to early frosts.

New Arrivals

• Greengages (French 9kg, Reine Claude de Bavay)~
• President Plums (French 9kg)~
• Figs (Turkish 20-22s)~
• Donut Peaches (Spanish 5kg)~

Exceptional Quality

• Phillip’s celery (UK 12s)~
• Seddon’s Leeks (UK 4.54kg)~
• Galia Melon (Spanish 5s)~
• Kiwis (NZ 66s)~