Warehouse Update 10/05/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


  • Onions – 25kg Egyptian onions are now in stock as a cheaper alternative to UK crop. To keep the price down, the size of the onions are slightly smaller at 50-70mm. * ~
  • Cabbages – please be aware that the size of UK white cabbages 10kg presently are very small and can fit nicely in the palm of a hand. ~
  • Carrots – the size and colour of UK bunched carrots 10’s have improved since the beginning of the season. ~


New Arrivals

  • Satsumas – Peruvian ‘Brixi’ brand satsumas 10kg (size 2)
  • Nectarines – prepacked Spanish nectarines 10 x 500g ’Eximia’ brand
  • Leeks – UK-Norfolk leeks (nets) 5kg


Exceptional Quality


  • Dutch Pakchoi 10-12’s
  • Spanish Red Chillies 3kg
  • Dutch Jalapeno Chillies 2kg
  • Dutch yellow courgettes 14-16’s
  • UK-Lincs cauliflowers 8’s
  • Italian fennel 5kg


Other Information


  • Strawberries – price of Belgian strawberries (8 x 500g) is increasing daily, prices for delivery tomorrow will be in the region of £24-£28. Unfortunately the Spanish stock reported yesterday were rejected due to quality issues.
  • Broccoli – a small quantity of prepacked broccoli 24 x 250g will be available for delivery tomorrow – price in the region of £6-£8 a case. *
  • Cherries – 20 cases of 2kg Spanish cherries will be available for delivery tomorrow. *
  • Lettuces – Norfolk little gem lettuces from D.Frost will resume supply for delivery tomorrow. *


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached


For warehouse product information, please click the link here >Warehouse Product Information 10052019<