Warehouse Update 13/05/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


  • Lettuces
    • Little Gem and Flat lettuces from D.Frost have now resumed. However his Oakleaf and Lollo Rossa are temporarily unavailable so these have been sourced from Zenith Nurseries/Betts although these will change mid-week to Aldis & Sons, Norfolk. ~
  • Mandarins – ‘’Ortanique’’ late season Mandarins Spanish 90’s. Ortaniques tend to be available when the main clementine season has finished and bridge the gap between Northern and Southern hemisphere season. The skins are tough to peel but very juicy and rich flavour due to the length of time it’s been unpicked on the tree. ~
  • Lemons – new season ‘’Verna’’ lemons are now available in 90’s & 100’s counts. ~


New Arrivals

  • Cherries – Spanish ‘Magua’ brand 1.6kg small box cherries 24-26mm. Eat well, slight sweetness and not sharp. * ~
  • Cabbages – UK Hispi cabbages 10-12’s * ~
  • Peaches – large yellow flesh Spanish peaches 73-80mm AA’s 24’s count ‘Nectarina de Palos’ brand * ~
  • Spinach – UK ‘G’s’ brand spinach 10 x 200g ~
  • Broccoli – Spanish ‘Peilor’ brand prepacked broccoli 24 x 250g (small stock remaining) ~
  • Grapefruits – South African ‘’Star Ruby’’ red grapefruits ‘MX’ brand 45’s ~


Exceptional Quality


  • Peruvian avocado ‘’Ettinger’’ variety 16’s


Other Information


  • Potatoes – the price of Garden of Elveden baking potatoes (40’s, 50’s 50’s bags & 60’s) has increased with immediate effect. This is due to a continued shortage of potatoes.
  • Leeks – UK ‘Seddons’ Leeks are due to finish this week. As a result leeks will be sourced from either France or Spain (depending on availability). We will continue to stock the local 5kg nets where we can.


Products available for delivery Wednesday

  • New Zealand Coxes apples 18kg *
  • UK bunched beetroot 12’s *
  • Spanish marrows 8’s *
  • UK boxed red onions 10kg *



*subject to QC approval

~photo attached


For warehouse product information, please click the link here >Warehouse Product Information 13052019<