Warehouse Update 11/03/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


Clementines – larger fruit 90’s count ‘’Nadorcott’’ clementines have arrived this morning – ‘Les Domaines’ brand. ~ *

Figs – Peruvian Figs (24’s) are now in stock. ~

Celery – Spanish 12’s celery ‘Surinver’ brand in stock replacing 16’s count. These are heavier in weight and of excellent quality. ~

Bananas – there is a small stock of Plantain Bananas from Chiquita (22kg). ‘’Plantains contain more starch and less sugar than standard bananas, therefore they are usually cooked or otherwise processed before being eaten. They are always cooked or fried when eaten green. At this stage, the pulp is hard and the peel often so stiff that it has to be cut with a knife to be removed. Mature, yellow plantains can be peeled like standard bananas; the pulp is softer than in immature, green fruit and some of the starch has been converted to sugar. They can be eaten raw, but are not as flavourful as standard bananas, so are usually cooked. When mature, yellow plantains when fried tend to caramelise, turning a golden-brown colour. They can also be boiled, baked, microwaved or grilled, either peeled or unpeeled.’’


Exceptional Quality


UK Watercress Loose 15’s

Spanish Habanero Chillies 2kg

South African Red Plums (Laetitia variety) 5kg

Spanish Celery 12’s


Other Information


Cauliflowers – a small stock of Spanish Romanesco Cauliflowers will be arriving tomorrow for delivery Wednesday.


For warehouse product information, please click the link here >Warehouse Product Information 11032019<