Warehouse Update 12/03/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


Kale – UK kale 4kg back in stock in large clear sacks. ~ *

Melons – fresh arrival of Costa Rican Yellow Melons this morning are 14’s count – approx 950g-1100g. ~ *

Grapes – Chilean white seedless ‘’Sugarone’’ variety 4.54kg now in stock. ~ *

Cress – punnets of Red Vein Sorrel and Red Amaranth ordered in for a standing order – these are available with 24 hours’ notice. ~


Exceptional Quality


Egyptian Spring Onions 20’s

Dutch Pakchoi 10-12’s

Mexican Limes 48-54’s

Moroccan Oranges 60’s/78’s


Other Information


Melons – a small number of ‘Piel De Sapo’ melons will be available for delivery Thursday.


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached