Warehouse Update 23/05/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


**The following items have been specially ordered, these are all available with 24-48 hours’ notice.**


  • Chicory – Dutch red chicory 3kg * ~
  • Herbs
    • Various origin potted herbs Basil 6’s * ~
    • UK-Norfolk Edible flowers ‘’Violas’’ punnets ~
  • Berries – Dutch pineberries 12 x 100g & straspberries 12 x 125g. Pineberries are a hybrid of strawberries which are white in colour and have a pineapple taste and aroma. Straspberries are a hybrid of strawberries and raspberries as the name indicates and are about the size of a raspberry. Both exceptionally sweet and juicy. * ~


New Arrivals

  • Blackberries – Dutch blackberries 12 x 125g * ~
  • Lettuce – UK-Norfolk flat lettuce


Exceptional Quality


  • Dutch heritage tomatoes 3kg * ~
  • Spanish oranges 30’s ‘La Mexicana’ brand ‘’Navel-Late’’ variety ~
  • Ivory Coast ready-to-eat mangoes 9’s ‘Discovered’ brand ~


Other Information


  • Carrots – mixed heirloom and mixed Chantenay carrots have now reached the end of the season. New season bunched rainbow carrots are available as an alternative. *
  • Apples – South African Pink Lady apples 12.5kg available for delivery from next Wednesday. *
  • Broccoli – with the Spanish season approaching the end, new season UK-Lincs broccoli will be available early next week – iced pack 4.454kg poly box. *
  • Cherries – Spanish 5kg cherries available for delivery tomorrow– 24mm+ *
  • Oranges – small stock of large oranges 24’s count ‘EMI’ brand will be available for delivery Saturday. *
  • Sweetcorn – fresh Spanish sweetcorn 30’s count available for delivery tomorrow. *


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached