Warehouse Update 27/02/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


Oranges – prepacked Spanish oranges ‘’Navel-Late’’ 10 x 2kg now available ‘EMI’ brand. ~ *

Clementines – alternative count ‘’Nadorcott’’ Moroccan clementines now in stock – 15kg 168’s count. ~ *

Apples – UK ‘’Jazz’’ 12kg apples now available (73/78mm). ~ *

Courgettes – new season Dutch Yellow Courgettes 12-14’s count are now in stock. We have been without Yellow Courgettes in recent months due to Israeli product being too expensive. ~ *

Garlic – Egyptian ‘’New Season’’ Wet Garlic 5kg is now available. ‘’Wet garlic is freshly harvested garlic that hasn’t been hung up to dry. It’s sweeter, milder and less pungent than the usual kind and is lovely sliced straight into salads.’’ ~ *

Lettuces – be aware that we are stocking both Spanish (20×2’s) and UK-Norfolk (12×2’s) little gems presently.

Ginger – a case of Ginger puree (6x1kg) has been ordered to stock as a trial product line from Brookerpaks. This is in 1kg plastic tubs and can be sold by the box or by individual tubs. ~

Kiwifruits – Italian kiwifruits 33’s are back in stock – ‘Gullino’ brand.







12kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 84 count

18kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 138 count



12kg – 70 count


Golden Delicious

12kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 64 count


Granny Smith

12kg ‘Jouffruit’ brand – 84 count

18kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 138 count


Pink Lady

12kg – 74 count


Red Delicious

12kg ‘Jouffruit’ brand – 66 count


Royal Gala

12kg ‘Jouffruit’ brand – 84 count

12kg UK – 64 count

18kg ‘Mozart’ brand – 150’s count



Spanish 300-400g ‘Iberveg’ brand



Spanish 350-400g ‘Iberveg’ brand

Dutch 350-400g



White seedless loose – Arrafifteen variety

White seedless prepacked – Thompson variety

Red seedless prepacked – Crimson seedless variety



Red Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Iberveg’ brand

Green Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Iberveg’ brand

Yellow Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Iberveg’ brand

Orange Spanish – GG’s 90-110mm ‘Fruca Fresh’ brand



Washed reds 25kg – Manitou

Washed whites 25kg – Osprey

Jumbo potatoes 25kg – Nectar/Osprey

10kg potatoes – Melody/Estima (non-windowed)

10 x 2kg potatoes – Osprey/Estima

Baker 40’s boxed – Melody/Estima

Baker 50’s boxed – Osprey

Baker 50’s bags – Osprey/Melody

Baker 60’s boxed – Osprey

Washed mids ‘Abrey’ 10kg 20-30mm Maris Peer

Washed mids ‘Mint’ 10kg 35-42mm Maris Peer

Washed mids prepacked 12 x 750g – Juliette

Sweet potatoes 6kg – 300-450g L1



Brown prepacked 20 x 1kg – 60-80mm

Brown onions 20 x 3’s – 70-90mm



48’s – Navel Lane Lates (MA) ‘Helios’ brand (cardboard box)

60’s – Navel Lane Lates (MA) ‘Helios’ brand (cardboard box)

78’s – Navel Lane Lates (MA) ‘Helios’ brand (cardboard box)

113’s – Balady (EG) ‘Al Shams’ brand (square cardboard box)



Loose ‘Esmerelda’ 6kg – M size 57-67mm

Loose ‘Cortes’ 6kg – M-S size 57-62mm

Vine Tomatoes 5kg – M size 57-67mm

Cherry Vine Tomatoes 3kg – 25-30mm

Cherry Tomatoes ‘Seda’ 9 x 250g – 25-30mm

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes 9 x 250g – 25-30mm

Plum Tomatoes ‘Seda’ 6kg – 57-67mm

Beef Tomatoes ‘Taste By Nature’ 7kg – 82-102mm


Other Information


Red Onions – Dutch large red onions (75-100mm) will be arriving tomorrow for delivery Friday.


*subject to QC approval

~photo attached