Warehouse Update 28/02/19

Please see below the following information gathered from the warehouse today.


Warehouse Findings


Onions – Dutch red onions 10kg nets (75-100mm) arrived this morning. ~ *

Sprouts – stocks of loose 9kg are being kept to a minimum with the warmer weather and end of season looming. We anticipate a further weeks supply before this time. ~

Carrots – loose medium carrots 10kg are now being sourced from Nationwide Produce, Spalding due to quality issues experienced recently. ~

Tomatoes – stock of Beef Tomatoes have temporarily moved to Tunisian large (102mm+) until Dutch are in stock (beginning of next week). ~

Courgettes – fresh arrival of Spanish courgettes ‘King Courgette’ brand 5kg in stock replacing outgoing Moroccan stock. ~

Squash – Butternut squash stock has moved to wooden box Spanish 8’s from Portuguese 10kg. ~

Pineapples – ‘Chiquita’ brand Costa Rican pineapples 9’s now available – Class Extra. ~


Exceptional Quality


UK-Lincs Cauliflowers 8’s

UK-Norfolk Curly Kale 3kg

South African Red Seedless Prepacked 10 x 500g – Crimson variety

Dutch Cucumbers 12’s

Costa Rican Pineapples 9’s